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Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Our Platform is Designed To Help Local Food Communities Network, Connect, and Collaborate in a Fair and Supportive Environment.

At BISTRO BUDDY, our mission is to empower small businesses in the food and drink industry with safe, secure, and affordable online ordering software as a service. We're dedicated to providing a platform that facilitates business partnerships, online communications, press releases, publications, and e-commerce merchandise sales without asking for a percentage of your entire business. Our platform is designed to help local communities network, connect, and collaborate in a fair and supportive e-commerce environment.

Our Values of Fairness, Affordability, and Community Support

We value fairness, affordability, and community support above all else. We believe that every business, no matter how big or small, should have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed without breaking the bank. Our platform is designed to level the playing field and empower small businesses in the food and drink industry to take control of their online presence and connect with their local communities. We're committed to creating a fair and equitable marketplace that benefits everyone involved, from business owners and workers to consumers and community members!

BISTRO BUDDY food network app b9177

A Platform That Levels The Playing Field with the Tools Needed to Succeed

We're committed to supporting workers in the industry and protecting businesses' online presence from illegal websites and predatory companies. Our values of fairness, affordability, and community support guide everything we do at BISTRO BUDDY. We understand the challenges faced by small businesses in competing with larger, predatory companies that leverage unfair business practices to extract more than a third of their profits without contributing any real value. That's why we offer a platform that levels the playing field and provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed.

Committed To Supporting Workers Drivers in the Food and Drink Industry 8f457

Committed To Supporting Workers & Drivers in the Food and Drink Industry

At BISTRO BUDDY, we're committed to supporting workers in the food and drink industry, including food delivery drivers who often face unfair wages and benefits, while also putting their life and vehicle maintenance at risk. We believe that by providing tools and resources to connect these workers with businesses, we can help them succeed in a competitive industry.

Professional Profiles On Maps

Our platform offers a unique feature that allows businesses to connect with local drivers willing to pick up deliveries in their area. By connecting their professional profiles on maps, restaurants and food trucks can easily find and hire reliable drivers for their delivery needs. Additionally, our platform allows for transparent reviews and ratings of drivers, both from businesses and foodies who receive their deliveries. This feature provides a safe and reliable way for businesses to find and hire drivers, and for foodies to have confidence in the delivery process.

BISTRO BUDDY secure privacy complient control over your customer data 659fe

Control Over Your Own Online Presence and Customer Data

We also believe that businesses should have control over their own online presence and data. That's why we work to protect them from illegal websites and companies that try to take over their business listing links and redirect them to their own platforms. By using our platform, businesses can maintain their own online presence and retain control over their data and customer relationships. That's why we allow businesses to retain their customer data even if they choose to leave our platform. We provide easy-to-use tools for exporting and transferring data, ensuring that businesses have the freedom and flexibility to manage their own information from the very first day regardless if they have a paid or a free account.

BISTRO BUDDY susttainableethical food and drink industry 46485

Committed to Creating a More Sustainable and Ethical Food and Drink Industry

Our passionate about promoting sustainable and ethical practices in the food and drink industry. That's why we support farm-to-table initiatives and work with local farmers to bring fresh, seasonal produce to our platform. By connecting restaurants, food trucks, and other food and drink professionals with local farmers, we're able to promote a more sustainable and responsible food system.

Support for Local Farmers Vinyards & Small-Scale Brewers

In addition to our support for local farmers, we're also committed to supporting small-scale brewers and taking back the beer industry from global giant companies. We believe that craft beer is more than just a beverage - it's a cultural movement that celebrates creativity, innovation, and community.  That's why we work with brewers guilds and other organizations to promote craft beer and support local breweries.

We Work With Brewer's Guilds & Other Organizations!

Through our platform, breweries can showcase their unique offerings and connect with local consumers. We offer a range of tools and resources to help breweries succeed, including digital menus, online ordering systems, and other valuable resources. By supporting small-scale brewers and promoting craft beer culture, we're working to create a more sustainable and diverse beer industry.

Farm-To-Table & Farm-To-Glass Initiatives

Join our platform today and discover how we can help you promote your farm-to-table and farm-to-glass initiatives that prioritize and source local, seasonal, and organic ingredients and connect with local farmers, and support small-scale brewers. We're proud to offer a platform that supports sustainable and ethical practices in the food and drink industry.

At BISTRO BUDDY, we value fairness, affordability, and community support. We understand the importance of supporting local businesses and initiatives, and we're committed to creating a more sustainable and ethical food and drink industry. Our platform is designed to foster collaboration and innovation among businesses of all sizes and categories, from the smallest local vendors to regional restaurant chains.

We believe that everyone in the food and drink industry should have access to the tools and resources they need to succeed, and we're dedicated to providing a platform that makes this possible.

BISTRO BUDDY is the Ultimate Platform for Businesses and Professionals in the Food and Drink Industry!

Join our community platform today and discover how we can help you succeed in the food and drink industry as a whole. With our commitment to supporting workers, protecting businesses, and fostering community support, BISTRO BUDDY is the ultimate platform for businesses and professionals in the food and drink industry!

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About Us

Welcome to BISTRO BUDDY, the leading community-driven platform where food lovers and businesses connect. We bridge technology, local collaboration, and a passion for events in the food and drink industry to empower growth and uplift the community in a fair and supportive environment.

At the heart of BISTRO BUDDY is a commitment to supporting local initiatives, from food trucks and craft breweries to farmers' markets and sustainable farm-to-table movements. We offer dynamic solutions like a social networking business directory, marketing tools, event calendars, online ordering, ticket box office, seating and table reservation contactless QR code menus, and comprehensive delivery POS software to uplift businesses.
BISTRO BUDDY is the ultimate companion for every gourmand and food explorer. Not only does it curate personalized restaurant recommendations, but it also keeps enthusiasts in the loop about upcoming food festivals and exclusive events. With a dedicated event section, users can effortlessly secure tickets to their favorite culinary happenings. Additionally, its integrated social network features allow foodies to connect, share experiences, and even discover a bustling marketplace where unique gourmet items are up for grabs. Dive into a comprehensive gastronomic universe with BISTRO BUDDY at your side.

Our Journey

October 18th 2019

🤑 First Restaurant Online Ordering Customer

On October 18, 2019, our first restaurant client tasked us with creating an online ordering system to cut down on third-party fees, leveraging their existing delivery workforce. Little did we know, this initiative would prove invaluable in the face of the upcoming pandemic.

October 18th 2019

May 1st 2021

🚀 First Online Ordering Website

Launch of our first online ordering platform for restaurants, designed specifically for delivery, take-out, and catering services. It features a food expeditor and hostess control panel, allowing customers to choose their seating from a floor plan when making a reservation.

May 11th 2021

🌐 Bistrobuddy.com Purchase

After months of deliberation over the perfect name for our brand, an idea suddenly emerged that seemed almost too good to be true. Yet, it was exactly what we were looking for. Upon checking for domain availability and ensuring it wasn't already trademarked, we confidently chose "BISTRO BUDDY" as our brand name.

May 11th 2021

May 31st 2022

™️BISTRO BUDDY Trade Mark is officially registered with the USPTO!

We're proud to announce that BISTRO BUDDY now holds the United States trademark registration number 6745430. This milestone is a huge leap forward for our brand's protection and recognition. 

November 18th 2021

🤑 First Customer Achieved $1,000,000 Sales Online Ordering

On November 18th 2021 our first customer eached a significant milestone and generated $1,000,000 in sales, predominantly from online orders with seo and social media campains.

November 18th 2021

February 1st 2023

🚀 Launch Our Directory Website

We launched our directory website and we're excited to have you join us on this journey.

April 22nd 2023

🖱️ 1K clicks from Google Search

On March 9, 2023, our website achieved a remarkable feat. Celebrating 1,000 clicks from Google Search in just the span of 28 days

April 22nd 2023

May 6th 2023

🖱️ 5k clicks from Google Search in a single day!

We celebrated a momentous achievement. For the first time ever, our website recorded a staggering 5,000 clicks from Google Search in a single day! 

May 27th 2023

🖱️ 25K clicks from Google Search in 28 Days

We celebrated a momentous achievement on May 27th when our website reached 25K clicks from Google Search in the past 28 days. 
Google Search Impact Congratulations! Your site reached 25K clicks from Google Search in the past 28 days

May 27th 2023

June 22nd, 2023

📱 Android Release Google Play!

play-store About - BISTRO BUDDY

Oct 26th, 2023

📱 iPhone Release Apple Store!

app-store Introduction to BISTRO BUDDY - BISTRO BUDDY

Oct 26th, 2023

February 28th 2024

🚀 BISTRO BUDDY 2.0 Beta Profiles for Foodies and Drink Connoisseurs

Launch of personalized profiles for food enthusiasts and drink aficionados, enriching the community experience with a activity stream to share your content and mingle.

Meet The Team

A passionate ensemble of culinary connoisseurs, dedicated service experts, and innovative food enthusiasts committed to transforming every meal into an unforgettable experience. Together, we blend tradition with innovation to serve up not just food, but culinary adventures that delight and inspire.

Read More About BISTRO BUDDY

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Montville, Connecticut
23 Jul 2024 / 07:30 PM
Immerse yourself in jazz at the 4th Annual Bridgeport Jazz Festival on August 31, 2024, at McLevy Green. Experience a day filled with exceptional live music, local food, and community spirit.
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4th Annual Bridgeport Jazz Festival
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Experience a day of joy at the GOOD TIMES Festival in Brimfield, MA on August 3, 2024. Enjoy live music, food trucks, and family activities hosted by Big Time Bill at the New England Motel Antiques Show.
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Join our Christmas in July Cookie Decorating Class on July 17, 2024, at The Bristol Bazaar, Bristol, CT. Perfect for all ages to learn cookie decorating techniques. Reserve your spot for a festive experience!
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North Branford, Connecticut
September Spiritual Fair
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South Windsor, Connecticut
Wapping Fair
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CT Folk Fest & Green Expo on September 7, 2024, at Edgerton Park, New Haven. Live music, food trucks, 75+ green exhibitors, and family activities. Suggested donation: $25/person. Rain or shine.
New Haven, Connecticut
CT Folk Fest & Green Expo
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Experience One Bite Pizza Fest 2024 on September 14 at Randall
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Don’t miss Mystic Dead with DJ Joe E. Crak at Broad Brook Opera House on Sept 21, 2024. Get ready for a night of electrifying beats and iconic Grateful Dead tunes in Connecticut!
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East Windsor, Capitol Planning Region
DoubleDeader with Mystic Dead
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Naugatuck Valley Planning Region
Connecticut Garlic + Harvest Festival
12 Oct 2024 / 09:00 AM
Join the International Cultural Fusion Festival in New Haven, CT on August 24, 2024, for a celebration of global cultures with international foods, live performances, and cultural exhibits. Support and explore arts diversity at Arts in CT.
Arts In Ct Corps
New Haven, South Central Connecticut Planning Region

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Discover and support your local food and drink event scene on the ultimate community platform for foodies and businesses. Connect & collaborate with local restaurants, food trucks, farmers' markets, breweries, wineries, and more. Featuring event calendars, digital menus with online ordering businesses can promote deals, merchandise, event tickets, table reservations and jobs. Subscribe & stay up-to-date with local and industry news and videos from local food and drink influencers and creators.

Food & Drink Photography

CT Beer Fest 2023: Connecticut Brewers Guild - 65 Breweries, Earth Day Celebration, and Live Music
CT Beer Fest 2023: Connecticut Brewers Guild - 65 Breweries, Earth Day Celebration, and Live Music
148 Photos

CT Beer Fest 2023: A Journey Through Hops and Happiness

Welcome to the visual diary of the Connecticut Beer Festival 2023, an event that brought together a vibrant tapestry of flavors, fun, and festivity, all under the banner of the Connecticut Brewers Guild. This album is more than just a collection of photographs; it's a story of community, craftsmanship, and celebration, encapsulating a day where the earthy aroma of hops mingled with the melodies of live music and the spirit of Earth Day.

Celebrating Earth Day with Every Sip

As you flip through these pages, you'll notice that this year's festival was not just about savoring the finest brews but also about honoring our planet. Held on Earth Day, the event intertwined environmental consciousness with the joy of beer tasting, reminding us of the delicate balance between indulging in our passions and preserving our world.

65 Breweries, Infinite Flavors Each photograph is a tribute to the 65 breweries that participated, showcasing their unique stories, brewing artistry, and the people behind the pint. From classic lagers to experimental ales, the range of flavors and styles was as diverse as the brewers themselves. These images capture the essence of their craft – the meticulous selection of ingredients, the precise brewing processes, and the shared joy of creating something extraordinary.

Rhythms and Brews: The Soundtrack of the Festival As you delve deeper into this album, you'll feel the pulse of live music that graced the event. Bands and artists, local and beyond, provided the perfect soundtrack to the festival, creating an atmosphere that was both electrifying and intimate. Each photo echoes the chords and melodies that filled the air, adding an auditory dimension to this visual journey.

? A Community United by Beer ?

Beyond the beers and the bands, these images capture the heart of the festival – the people. From enthusiasts and connoisseurs to curious first-timers, the festival was a melting pot of individuals united by their love for good beer. Smiling faces, clinking glasses, and animated conversations fill these pages, a testament to the community spirit that the Connecticut Brewers Guild fosters.

Memories Preserved ?

As you reach the end of this album, we hope that the memories of CT Beer Fest 2023 linger on. Whether you were a participant, a brewer, or just an admirer of the craft beer community, these photographs are a gateway back to those moments of joy, discovery, and unity. Until the next pour at CT Beer Fest 2024, let's raise a glass to the memories made and the friendships forged.

Cheers to the Connecticut Brewers Guild, to Earth Day, and to the timeless art of brewing!
Winter Fest Food Truck Festival 2023 - Ledyard, CT by American Food Truck Festivals and sponsored by Kit Na Brewing
Winter Fest Food Truck Festival 2023 - Ledyard, CT by American Food Truck Festivals and sponsored by Kit Na Brewing
153 Photos

winter_fest_food_truck_fest_updated_poster Our Mission Statement - BISTRO BUDDY | Food & Drink Community Network  Join BISTRO BUDDY's mission to empower small businesses in the food and drink industry with a safe, secure, and affordable online platform for networking, colla

Step into the vibrant world of the Winter Fest Food Truck Festival 2023, captured in this extensive photo album that brings the spirit of Ledyard, Connecticut, to life. Each image in this collection tells a story of community, culinary exploration, and festive joy, encapsulating a memorable weekend on November 18th and 19th at the scenic Ledyard Green.

From the first click, you're transported to a winter wonderland where the air buzzes with excitement and the aroma of diverse cuisines. The festival, a haven for food enthusiasts, features a spectacular array of food trucks like Kit NA Brewing Co., EL BORI, and CHOMPERS, each offering a taste of their unique culinary delights. Not just a feast for the taste buds, the festival also presents a visual banquet with the colorful trucks set against the picturesque backdrop of Ledyard's natural beauty.

Special moments are frozen in time – children's wide-eyed wonder as they meet Santa Claus and The Grinch, friends and families huddled together, savoring hot chocolate and apple cider, and the community coming together to support local vendors like Jewelry by Heart Anna and Grandma Sue's Home Decor. The album also highlights the contributions of key organizers such as Bistro Buddy and Hometown Explorer, and the involvement of Events by Robin and American Food Truck Festivals, showcasing the collaborative spirit that makes this event a success.

As you flip through the photos, you'll also experience the warmth of holiday movie screenings under the stars, the excitement of the Roaming Railroad rides, and the charm of Carly’s Critters petting zoo, each frame capturing the essence of family-friendly fun.

This photo album is more than just a collection of images; it's a tribute to the 'Families feeding families' motto that embodies the heart of the Winter Fest Food Truck Festival. It's a visual storybook that celebrates the union of local craftsmanship, global cuisines, and the unbreakable spirit of the Ledyard community.

Dive into this photographic journey and relive the magic, the laughter, the flavors, and the unforgettable memories of the Winter Fest Food Truck Festival 2023.

Winter Fest Food Truck Festival: A Culinary Winter Wonderland
November 18th & 19th, 12 pm to 6 pm
Ledyard Green, 722 Colonial Ledyard Highway, Ledyard, CT

A Whimsical Winter Feast Awaits!
Join us at the Winter Fest Food Truck Festival to kick off the holiday season with sumptuous bites, festive vibes, and community spirit!

Mingle with Santa & The Grinch!
Our special guests from the North Pole, Santa Claus and The Grinch, are eager to sprinkle some festive joy and pose for cherished photos with you and your loved ones!

Embark on a Gastronomic Adventure!
Journey through a world of flavors with our diverse lineup of food trucks, serving up a bounty of global delights. Keep warm and cozy with luscious hot chocolate and apple cider while indulging in hearty winter eats.

Kit Non Alcoholic Brewing Co
Experience the Magic of Holiday Movies!
Snuggle up with family and friends as we screen beloved holiday classics like Home Alone and The Grinch! Bring along your chairs and blankets for a comfy cinematic under the winter sky.

Celebrate Local Craftsmanship & Global Cuisines!
Support our local vendors by shopping for unique gifts and crafts while basking in the rich flavors of international dishes, earning you complimentary raffle tickets with each purchase.

Jewelry by Heart Anna
Grandma Sue's Home Decor
Artisan Gens
Aj's Home Made Pet Treats
CB’s Creations
Space Case
Sunny Meadows Farm - Jewelry
Mj's Custom Jewelry
Sarah’s Sweet Treats
MS Print & Press
Solly's Bakery
Inn Season Resorts
Renewals By Anderson
Adventure & Excitement for All Ages!
The Roaming Railroad invites you for delightful rides around the festival at just $5, while Carly’s Critters presents a live petting zoo for animal lovers to enjoy!

FREE Entry for All!
Families Feeding Families: Our Heartfelt Motto
We believe in nurturing a community spirit and our motto, "Families feeding families", exemplifies just that. It’s not just a festival - it's a gathering of joy, sharing, and festive indulgence.

Your culinary winter wonderland awaits! Bundle up and immerse yourself in a world of festive flavors, enchanting entertainment, and joyful community experiences at the Winter Fest Food Truck Festival!

Glow Hartford 2023 Ultimate Holiday Experience Festive Frames Glowing Trains Family Fun Photo Opportunities
Glow Hartford 2023 Ultimate Holiday Experience Festive Frames Glowing Trains Family Fun Photo Opportunities
128 Photos

Glow_Hartford_Holiday_Event_2023_Festive_Frames_Glowing_Trains_Ultimate_Photo_Opportunity_Family_Fun_Festivities_Culinary_Delights_Live_Music_Vendor_Variety_BISTRO_BUDDY_Jason_Card_Photography_Copyright69 Our Mission Statement - BISTRO BUDDY | Food & Drink Community Network  Join BISTRO BUDDY's mission to empower small businesses in the food and drink industry with a safe, secure, and affordable online platform for networking, colla
Glow Hartford 2023: A Magical Holiday Experience

Discover the enchanting atmosphere of Glow Hartford 2023, a winter wonderland that brings holiday dreams to life. This album showcases the event's most breathtaking scenes, from glittering light displays to festive decor.

Festive Frames and Glowing Trains: Photographic Highlights

Immerse yourself in a visual journey through the heart of the holiday season. Our photos capture the essence of Glow Hartford's Festive Frames and Glowing Trains, creating lasting memories of the season's joy and wonder.

Family Fun and Festive Activities at Glow Hartford

Glow Hartford is more than just a visual feast; it's a hub of family activities and holiday fun. From playful light pads to an indoor playscape, explore how families enjoy this seasonal extravaganza.

Culinary Delights and Live Music: The Taste of Celebration

Savor the flavors of the holiday with our culinary highlights from Glow Hartford. The album features images of signature drinks and festive foods, paired with scenes of live music that filled the air with cheer.

Glow Hartford's Vendor Variety: A Local Showcase

Get a glimpse into the diverse range of vendors and artisans at Glow Hartford. This section focuses on the unique crafts, jewelry, and local businesses that add to the event's charm.

The Ultimate Photo Opportunity: Capturing Glow Hartford's Essence

Experience the magic through our lens as we highlight the ultimate photo spots at Glow Hartford. From Cinderella's carriage to beautifully lit backdrops, these photos encapsulate the essence of holiday photography.

Festive Frames and Glowing Trains

Check out our latest video: "The Hometown Explorer Visits Glow Hartford"! Experience the magic and lights with us.

Check out here article Festive Frames and Glowing Trains: The Hometown Explorer Visits Glow Hartford

#GlowHartford2023 #HometownExplorer #FestiveFrames #GlowingTrains
Pizzatown Documentary 🍕 Photo Album 📷 Torrington, Connecticut
Pizzatown Documentary 🍕 Photo Album 📷 Torrington, Connecticut
CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024
CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024
112 Photos

CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024 - A Culinary Extravaganza!

Welcome to the photo album of the CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024! Held at the beautiful Woodtick Recreation Area in Wolcott, Connecticut, this year's festival was a spectacular celebration of food, fun, and entertainment.

Note: BISTRO BUDDY focused on capturing video content during this event, so we did not take a lot of pictures. The official photographer for the Food Truck Battles will release their own pictures on ctfoodtruckbattles.com.

Event Highlights:

  • Gourmet Food Trucks: Enjoy a visual feast of the top gourmet food trucks from around Connecticut, serving a diverse array of delicious cuisines.
  • Live Entertainment: Relive the exciting live performances from talented musicians and comedians, including the hilarious Gemini Comedy Entertainment.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: See the fun-filled activities for families and kids, including thrilling rides, games, and interactive entertainment.
  • Food Contests and Battles: Check out the intense food battles and eating contests that had everyone on the edge of their seats.
  • Craft Vendors: Discover unique treasures from local craft vendors and artisans showcasing their handmade products.

This album captures the essence of the festival, from the mouth-watering dishes and lively entertainment to the joyous moments shared by attendees. Whether you were there or wish you had been, these photos bring the CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024 to life.

West Haven Juneteenth 2004
West Haven Juneteenth 2004
61 Photos

Description: On June 8, 2024, Brent Watt Park in West Haven, CT, became the vibrant heart of community spirit and cultural celebration. The West Haven Juneteenth 2024 was more than just an event; it was a profound expression of freedom, history, and unity.

Event Highlights and Community Impact:

  • Performances Galore: The event featured an array of local talents including the Heavenly Stars, saxophonist David Davis, and drummer Gamaliel Moses, bringing the community together through the power of music. Rita Rose Entertainment and dancer Nadia Bellamy added a flair of artistic expression, captivating the audience with their performances.
  • Local Cuisine: Attendees enjoyed a taste of local flavor with offerings from Auntie Sheelah's Cheesecakes, Kenneth's Italian Ice, Pete's Eats, and Gorilla Lemonade, highlighting West Haven's rich culinary diversity.
  • Family and Fun: The event was a family-friendly affair with activities that catered to all ages, including face painting, children’s book giveaways, and interactive games, ensuring a fun-filled day for the youngest attendees.

Significance of Juneteenth: The celebration marked Juneteenth, a historically significant date that commemorates the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy on June 19, 1865. This day is not just a reflection of past struggles but also a celebration of freedom, achievements, and African American culture.

Local Heroes and Contributions: During the event, we heard inspiring stories from community leaders like Levi Jordan, who shared insights into his efforts in youth sports and education mentorship. Highlighting the role of local heroes, Levi, along with other community pillars such as the staff at High Rollers Barber Shop, demonstrated the profound impact of local engagement and mentorship.

Vendor Support and Local Economy: The event supported local vendors and artisans, featuring products ranging from handmade crafts to skincare items, showcasing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the community. This not only boosted the local economy but also provided a platform for small businesses to connect with the wider community.

Feedback and Future Plans: Reflecting on the success of the event, organizers and participants are already planning for the next year, taking into account feedback to make future celebrations even more impactful.