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Pizzatown Documentary 🍕 Photo Album 📷 Torrington, Connecticut
Pizzatown Documentary 🍕 Photo Album 📷 Torrington, Connecticut
CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024
CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024
112 Photos

CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024 - A Culinary Extravaganza!

Welcome to the photo album of the CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024! Held at the beautiful Woodtick Recreation Area in Wolcott, Connecticut, this year's festival was a spectacular celebration of food, fun, and entertainment.

Note: BISTRO BUDDY focused on capturing video content during this event, so we did not take a lot of pictures. The official photographer for the Food Truck Battles will release their own pictures on

Event Highlights:

  • Gourmet Food Trucks: Enjoy a visual feast of the top gourmet food trucks from around Connecticut, serving a diverse array of delicious cuisines.
  • Live Entertainment: Relive the exciting live performances from talented musicians and comedians, including the hilarious Gemini Comedy Entertainment.
  • Family-Friendly Activities: See the fun-filled activities for families and kids, including thrilling rides, games, and interactive entertainment.
  • Food Contests and Battles: Check out the intense food battles and eating contests that had everyone on the edge of their seats.
  • Craft Vendors: Discover unique treasures from local craft vendors and artisans showcasing their handmade products.

This album captures the essence of the festival, from the mouth-watering dishes and lively entertainment to the joyous moments shared by attendees. Whether you were there or wish you had been, these photos bring the CT Food Truck Battles Festival 2024 to life.

West Haven Juneteenth 2004
West Haven Juneteenth 2004
61 Photos

Description: On June 8, 2024, Brent Watt Park in West Haven, CT, became the vibrant heart of community spirit and cultural celebration. The West Haven Juneteenth 2024 was more than just an event; it was a profound expression of freedom, history, and unity.

Event Highlights and Community Impact:

  • Performances Galore: The event featured an array of local talents including the Heavenly Stars, saxophonist David Davis, and drummer Gamaliel Moses, bringing the community together through the power of music. Rita Rose Entertainment and dancer Nadia Bellamy added a flair of artistic expression, captivating the audience with their performances.
  • Local Cuisine: Attendees enjoyed a taste of local flavor with offerings from Auntie Sheelah's Cheesecakes, Kenneth's Italian Ice, Pete's Eats, and Gorilla Lemonade, highlighting West Haven's rich culinary diversity.
  • Family and Fun: The event was a family-friendly affair with activities that catered to all ages, including face painting, children’s book giveaways, and interactive games, ensuring a fun-filled day for the youngest attendees.

Significance of Juneteenth: The celebration marked Juneteenth, a historically significant date that commemorates the emancipation of the last remaining enslaved African Americans in the Confederacy on June 19, 1865. This day is not just a reflection of past struggles but also a celebration of freedom, achievements, and African American culture.

Local Heroes and Contributions: During the event, we heard inspiring stories from community leaders like Levi Jordan, who shared insights into his efforts in youth sports and education mentorship. Highlighting the role of local heroes, Levi, along with other community pillars such as the staff at High Rollers Barber Shop, demonstrated the profound impact of local engagement and mentorship.

Vendor Support and Local Economy: The event supported local vendors and artisans, featuring products ranging from handmade crafts to skincare items, showcasing the creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the community. This not only boosted the local economy but also provided a platform for small businesses to connect with the wider community.

Feedback and Future Plans: Reflecting on the success of the event, organizers and participants are already planning for the next year, taking into account feedback to make future celebrations even more impactful.